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Chairs - Department of Political Science


Chair for

Prof. Dr.
Uwe Wagschal

Research associates:

Dr. Christoph Haas
Stefanie Haas
Dr. Sebastian Jäckle
Pascal König
Thomas Metz
Sebastian Reinkunz
Julian Schärdel
Dr. Elina Schleutker
Dr. Michael Spaeth
Philipp Weinmann

Research focus:

Comparative policy research, Political Economy, Public Finance, Direct Democracy, Methods of Political Science



Chair for

Prof. Dr.
Sandra Destradi

Research associates:

Dr. Julia Gurol
Dr. Angela Geck

Dr. Tim Zajontz
Egecan Hüsemoglu
Alyssa Santiago





Research focus:

Global Governance and the Global South, Populism and Foreign Politics, Emerging Powers in International Politics



Chair for Political Philosophy, Theory and History of Ideas

Prof. Dr.
Gisela Riescher

Research associates:

Dr. Marcus Obrecht

PD Dr. Martin Baesler

Research focus:

Democratic theory, Security and freedom in the modern political theory, Contract and parliamentary theories



Chair for
Multi-Level Governance

Prof. Dr.
Diana Panke

Research associates:

Alex B. Onatunji

Dr. Sören Stapel

Lukas Grundsfeld 

Pawel Tverskoi

Research focus:

European Integration, Multi-Level Governance, International negotiations, International relations theory, Research design and qualitative methods



Chair for Development Theory and Policy

Prof. Dr.
Andreas Mehler

Director of the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute (ABI) for Socio-Cultural Research at the University of Freiburg

Research associates:

Dr. Benjamin Schütze

Research focus:

Power-sharing agreements, violent conflicts, crisis prevention, State and Statehood, German and French Africa policy


Extraordinary & honorary professors: Prof. Dr. Gordon Crawford, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Eith, Prof. Dr. Rainer Hoffmann, Prof. Dr. Helmut Köser, Prof. Dr. Reinhardt Kößler, Prof Dr. Heribert Weiland, Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Villinger

Acting Executive Direktor: Prof. Dr. Sandra Destradi, Acting Executive Manager: Dr. Julia Gurol

Department Administrator: Dr. Christoph Haas
Study Guidance: Marius Fröhle (BA), Cita Wetterich (MA/teachers), Dr. Marcus Obrecht (Applied Political Science);
Erasmus Coordinator:
Marius Fröhle

Working group elections Freiburg: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter Oberndörfer, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Eith
Network Freiburg: Arnold Bergstraesser Institute (ABI), State Center for Political Education, Carl-Schurz-Haus, Studienhaus Wiesneck, Colloquium Politicum, East Asia Research Freiburg

Address: Rempartstraße 15, 79085 Freiburg im Br. (Germany), Tel.: 0049761/203-67568


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