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Secretary: Kim Tran

Room: 4324
Office hours:

Thursday  11.00 -15.00

Phone: 0761/203-3465
Mail: sekretariat.destradi@politik.uni-freiburg.de


Lehrstuhl für Internationale Politik

Rempartstr. 15

79085 Freiburg


Important Information


Please don't contact the secretariat with issues concerning your transcripts of records, registration for courses and exams, etc

For help with said issues p
lease get in touch with your respective course coordinator and/or your respective examination office. You can find their contact information here.

Medical certificates concerting exams and deadlines are not to be sent to the secretariat, but to be submitted directly to the examination office! Otherwise there is a risk of delays which may lead to a non-recognition of the proof of illness.

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