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(left to right): Nicholas Lentz, Dr. Angela Geck, Hannah Friedrich, Gwendolyn Clasen, Prof. Dr. Sandra Destradi, David Müller, Dr. Julia Gurol-Haller, Paul Roßmaier, Clara Leithäuser.

Not in the Picture: Alyssa Santiago, Victória Silveira Novaes, Vihang Jumle.

Research Focus

Research and teaching at the Chair for International Relations focus on some of the most important current developments in world politics, with a particular focus on the Global South. The thematic foci of the Chair include the role of so-called emerging powers in global governance, (trans-)regional security dynamics in the Global South as well as the impact of populism and authoritarianism on international politics.

präsentation 1 Global Governance and Emerging Powers (Trans-)regional security in the Global South International Politics in the Age of Populism and Authoritarianism










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New publication from Prof. Destradi:

Destradi, Sandra (2023). Populism and Status-Seeking in World Politics, in International Studies Review, online first: doi.org/10.1093/isr/viad035.


New publications from Julia Gurol:

Klenk, Elias & Gurol, Julia (2023). 'The role of narratives for gaining domestic political legitimacy: China's image management during COVID-19'. Journal of Chinese Political Science, online first: doi.org/10.1007/s11366-023-09865-z.


The monograph ‘Reluctance in World Politics: Why States Fail to Act Decisively’ by Sandra Destradi will be published at the end of July 2023 bristoluniversitypress.co.uk/reluctance-in-world-politics.











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