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Global Governance and Emerging Powers

This Research Focus examines changes in the processes of global cooperation that stem from the growing importance of the Global South. We are particularly interested in how emerging powers such as China or India adopt, question, or contest the established institutions and norms of global governance, for example through the creation of alternative institutions or through intensified South-South Cooperation. Yet, domestic crises in some of the so-called BRICS countries challenge the narrative of ‘rising’. In addition, many of the emerging powers are facing major challenges in combatting poverty, inequality, as well as climate change and environmental degradation. But the policies of powerful states in the Global South are also linked to a more fundamental questioning of existing norms of the so-called ‘liberal world order’. In global governance, new and old powers vie for influence in the decision-making bodies of multilateral organizations, regarding the establishment of international norms, and in terms of the responsibility for providing global public goods. Research at the Chair deals with these dynamics in various thematic areas such as security, climate, and trade.


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