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(Trans-)regional security dynamics in the Global South

This Research Focus addresses both (trans-)regional cooperation and conflicts over regional leadership and hegemony in the Global South, with a focus on security issues. Among the topics addressed are the politics of regional actors in civil wars or the role of regional powers in international crisis management. This research focus relates to the one on ‘Global governance and emerging powers’ as it analyses the politics of emerging powers as security actors as well as their impact on (trans-)regional security dynamics in the Global South.


Selected Publications:

  • Destradi, Sandra (2018), Reluctant Powers? Rising Powers’ Contributions to Regional Crisis Management, in: Third World Quarterly 39 (12): 2222-2239.
  • Gurol, Julia (2020), The Roles of the EU and China in the Security Architecture of the Middle East, in: Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, 14 (1). DOI: 10.1080/25765949.2020.1728969.


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