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Multi-Level Governance





(from left to right): 

Lukas Grundsfeld M.A., Luise Hartmann, Luise Kienel, Antonia Damm, Léonie Berton, Barbara Gumbert, Prof. Dr. Diana Panke, Dr. Gordon Friedichs, Moritz Pohlner, Hanne Oldenhof, Lukas Weißenberger, Pawel Tverskoi M.A., Dr. Sören Stapel

not on picture: Fenna Kreuz, Lisa Hartmann, 

Office hours:

Due to a research sabbatical, Prof. Panke will not be available for consulting appointments in the summer semester 2023. Dr. Sören Stapel will be her substitute. If you need consulting, please send an email tosekretariat.governance@politik.uni-freiburg.de. Please mention your course and the topic you would like to discuss. After handing in your outline or exposée, you will receive a link to join a zoom session. 


Supervision of Bachelor and Master Thesis

Due to a research sabbatical, Prof. Panke will not be available for the supervision of Bachelor and Master Theses during the summer semester 2023. Her substitute will be Dr. Sören Stapel in all teaching matters. If you are interested in a supervision, please send an email to sekretariat.governance@politik.uni-freiburg.de.

Students who want to write their thesis at the chair for Multi-Level Governance should have their main focus in International Relations and ideally should have visited a lecture of Prof. Panke or Dr. Stapel in advance. Before starting, it is mandatory to visit the office hour and to obtain the supervision acceptance of Dr. Stapel.


If you want to discuss your proposal for your Bachelor or Master Thesis, please send an abstract of 2 pages (see template, in German) at least 3 working days prior to the appointment to this email-address: sekretariat.governance@politik.uni-freiburg.de


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