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Multi-Level Governance




From left to right:

Franziska Hohlstein, Gurur Polat, Anna Starkmann, Diana Panke, Julia Gurol, Simone Ahrens, Ingo Henneberg, Sören Stapel (not in the picture: Klara Leithäuser, Nikolay Aleksiev)


News: The program for the IB-Sektionstagung 2020 of the DVPW, which takes place from 07 to 09 October, can be found here

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New publications:

  • Diana Panke, Sören Stapel & Anna Starkmann (forthcoming) „Comparing Regional Organizations. Global Dynamics and Regional Particularities” Bristol: Bristol University Press.
  • Panke, Diana/ Starkmann, Anna (forthcoming). "Responding to functionalist incentives? Exploring the evolution of regional organizations after the end of the Cold War", in: Journal of Conte,porary European Studies.
  • Panke, Diana/ Gurol, Julia (forthcoming). "Small States in the UN General Assembly. Challenges and Coping Strategies". In: Research Handbook on the Politics of Small states, edited by Godfrey Baldacchino & Anders Wivel. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishers.
  • Diana Panke (forthcoming): "Compensating for Limitations in Domestic Performance? Member State Delegation of Policy Competencies to Regional International Organizations". In: International Relations. 
  • Diana Panke, Stephanie Geise, Axel Heck (forthcoming): "The Effects of Digital Media Images on Political Participation Online. Results of an Eyetracking Experiment". In: Policy & Internet.
  • Diana Panke (forthcoming): "Inside International Environmental Organizations. Negotiating the Greening of International Politics". In: Cambridge Review of International Affairs. 
  • Gurol, Julia/ Shahmohammadi, Parisa (2019): Projecting power westwards: China's maritime strategy in the Arabian Sea and its potential ramifications for the region. Study 07. Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient (CARPO).
  • Henneberg, Ingo/ Gurol, Julia (2019): "Jede Afrikastrategie muss China mitdenken". Peacelab. 02.07.2019.
  • Diana Panke, Franziska Hohlstein, Gurur Polat (2019): "The Constitutions of International Organizations. How Institutional Design Seeks to Foster Diplomatic Deliberation" in Global Constitutionalism.
  • Diana Panke (forthcoming): "Regional Cooperation through the Lenses of States: Why Do States Nurture Regional Integration?". In: Review of International Organizations.
  • Ingo Henneberg, Friedrich Plank (2019): Overlapping Regionalism and Security Cooperation: Power-Based Explanations of Nigeria’s Forum-Shopping in the Fight against Boko Haram. In: International Studies Review (ISR).
  • Diana Panke (forthcoming): "The European Court of Human Rights under Scrutiny. Explaining Variation in Non-Compliance Judgments". In: Comparative European Politics.
  • Diana Panke (forthcoming): "African States in International Organizations. Exploring Differences in Negotations". In: The South African Journal of International Affairs
  • Diana Panke, Julia Gurol (2019): "Small States in the European Union". In: Oxford Encyclopedia of European Union Politics. Oxford University Press.
  • Diana Panke (forthcoming): "Greek-EU Debt Dueling in the Endgame". In: Zartman, I. William: "How Negotiations End", Cambridge University Press.
  • Klaus Brummer, Sebastian Harnisch, Kai Oppermann und Diana Panke (forthcoming): "Foreign Policy as Public Policy? Promises and Pitfalls". Manchester: Manchester University Press
  • Diana Panke (forthcoming): "European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and Committee of the Regions (CoR)". In: Encyclopedia of the European Union Politics. Oxford University Press.
  • Friedrich Plank, Ingo Henneberg, Alexander Kobusch et al. (2019): Standortübergreifende Lehre in der Politikwissenschaft: Nutzen und Beitrag eines innovativen Ringseminars. In: Politische Vierteljahresschrift. Vol. 60, Nr. 1. S. 127-146. 







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