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Publikationen aus dem Bereich der Professur für Entwicklungstheorien und Entwicklungspolitik


  • Mehler, Andreas/Ribaux, Claude, 2000: Crisis Prevention and Conflict Management in Technical Cooperation. An Overview of the National and International Debate, Wiesbaden.
  • Mehler, Andreas, 1993: Kamerun in der Ära Biya. Bedingungen, erste Schritte und Blockaden einer demokratischen Transition, Hamburg (Hamburger Beiträge zur Afrika-Kunde Bd. 42).

Peer-begutachtete Zeitschriftenartikel

  • Zanker, Franzisca/Simons, Claudia/Mehle, Andreas, 2015: Spatiality, Power and Peace in Africa: Revisiting Territorial Power-Sharing, in: African Affairs, 114 (2015) 454, 72-91.
  • Mehler, Andreas, 2014: Why Federalism Did Not Lead to Secession in Cameroon, in: Ethnopolitics, 13:1, 48-66.
  • Mehler, Andreas, 2013: Consociationalism for Weaklings, Autocracy for Muscle Men? Determinants of Constitutional Reform in Divided Societies, in: Civil Wars, Special Issue 1, 15, 21-43.
  • Simons, Claudia/Zanker, Franzisca/Mehler, Andreas/Tull,  Denis M., 2013: Power-sharing in Africa’s war zones: how important is the local level? in: Journal of Modern African Studies, 51 (2013) 4, 681-706.
  • Mehler, Andreas, 2012: From "Protecting civilians" to "for the sake of democracy" (and back again). Justifying intervention in Côte d'Ivoire, in: African Security, 3-4, 199-216.
  • Mehler, Andreas, 2011: Rebels and Parties: The Impact of Armed Insurgency on Representation in the Central African Republic, in: Journal of Modern African Studies, 49:1, 114-139.
  • Mehler, Andreas, 2012: Why Security Forces Do Not Deliver Security: Evidence from Liberia and the Central African Republic, in: Armed Forces and Society, 1 38, 46-69.
  • Mehler, Andreas, 2009: Peace and Power sharing in Africa: A not so Obvious Relationship, in: African Affairs, 108 432, 453-473.
  • Basedau, Matthias/Mehler, Andreas/Smith-Höhn, Judy, 2007: Caught between International, State and Non-state Actors: Public Perceptions of Security in Post-conflict Urban Liberia, in: Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, 3: 2, 84-89.
  • Tull, Denis M./Mehler, Andreas, 2005: The hidden costs of power-sharing: Reproducing insurgent violence in Africa, in: African Affairs; 104 416, 375-398.

Weitere Zeitschriftenartikel

  • Oligopolies of violence in Africa south of the Sahara, in: Nord-Süd aktuell 18 (2004) 3, 539-548.
  • France in Search of a New Africa Policy, in: Internationale Politik, Global Edition, 1/2008, 28-38.
  • Positive, ambiguous or negative? Peacekeeping in the local security fabric, in: Critical Currents 5/2008 (The United Nations, Security and Peacekeeping in Africa. Lessons and Prospects, Uppsala: Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, 41-65.
  • Pathways to Elite Insecurity, in: Fieldsights - Hot Spots (Central African Republic), Cultural Anthropology Online, June 11, 2014.


  • Africa Spectrum, open access journal (ISI/SSCI rated), Hamburg: GIGA (zus. mit Henning Melber) (seit 2009).
  • Africa Yearbok. Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara. (zus. mit Henning Melber, Klaas van Walraven, Sebastian Elischer, Rolf Hofmeier), jährlich herausgegeben seit 2004, Leiden: Brill (seit 2005).


  • Cameroun and the politics of patronage, in: David Birmingham/Phyllis M. Martin (Eds.): History of Central Africa. The contemporary years since 1960, London/New York 1998, 43-65.
  • Decentralization, Division of Power and Crisis Prevention: A Theoretical Exploration with Reference to Africa, in: Tobias Debiel/Axel Klein (Eds.): Fragile Peace. State Failure, Violence and Development in Crisis Regions, London etc. 2002, 72-85.
  • The shaky foundations, adverse circumstances and limited achievements of democratic transition in the Central African Republic, in: Leo Villalón/Peter VonDoepp: The Fate of Africa’s Democratic Experiment Elites and Institution Bloomington: Indiana University Press 2005, 126-152
  • Political Parties and Violence in Africa. Systematic Reflections against Empirical Background, in: Matthias Basedau / Gero Erdmann / Andreas Mehler (eds): Votes, Money and Violence. Parties and Elections in Africa south of the Sahara, Uppsala: NAI 2007
  • Security Actors in Liberia and Sierra Leone Roles Interactions and Perceptions, in: Tobias Debiel / Daniel Lambach (Eds.): Actors of Violence and Alternative Forms of Governance (INEF Report 89/2007), 49-65 (zus. mit Judy Smith-Höhn).
  • Hybrid Regimes and Oligopolies of Violence in Africa: Expectations on Security Provisions „From Below“, in: Martina Fischer/Beatrix Schmelzle: Building Peace in the Absence of States: Challenging the Discourse on State Failure (Berghof Handbook Dialogue Series 8), Berlin: Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management 2009, 57-66.
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